We’re charting the future of air mobility


Archer’s mission is to advance the benefits of sustainable air mobility

  • We rely on transparent, direct, and honest communication to achieve our mission in the most productive way possible as one team. We’re all in this together.

  • We are long-term, mission-driven thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are not afraid to be bold, think creatively, and overcome any obstacles along the way to turning our dream into reality.

  • Safety first, always. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees, future passengers, and the environment by building a high redundancy aircraft with no single point of failure. Through testing, high quality materials, and precision we will never compromise on safety.

  • We’re dedicated to creating an aircraft that will push the world towards a zero-emissions future. By using advanced technology, electric batteries, and safe materials, the environment and health of our communities always comes first.

  • Most importantly, we celebrate together. From team events to test flights and everything in between, we know how to have fun.



  • Assembled an industry-leading team of aerospace engineers.
  • Designed, built, tested, and flew our subscale prototype.
  • Validated aircraft configuration and flight handling capabilities.


  • Design, build and fly our Maker passenger aircraft.
  • Begin FAA Certification for our aircraft.
  • Partner with Stellantis to accelerate our manufacturing timelines.
  • Partner with United as part of their broader decarbonization mission.
  • Scale team to 300 and establish Archer as the #1 urban air mobility company worldwide.


  • Expand team to develop our FAA Certified aircraft.
  • Build and fly our production aircraft.
  • Begin manufacturing consumer aircraft.


  • Achieve Type Certification and Production Certification from FAA.
  • Begin consumer flight operations in Los Angeles, Miami, and beyond.
  • Expand manufacturing capabilities.

Want to shape the future? Join us.