We set out to make the vision of safe, sustainable air travel a reality. Type certification of an aircraft is how the FAA manages safety risk for aircraft. It is a rigorous process between the FAA and an applicant that is intended to provide the public with confidence that a new aircraft will meet the FAA’s safety standards. Before we can commercialize our eVTOL aircraft, we must obtain four separate FAA certifications: type, production, airworthiness and operational. We’ve assembled an experienced team to lead us through the FAA certification process.

The Path To Certification
  • We established our Certification Basis with the FAA.
  • We continued to work towards our Means of Compliance with the FAA.
  • We are working to finalize our Means of Compliance with the FAA.
  • Our aircraft will be evaluated and measured in accordance with the certification basis, means of compliance and methods of compliance previously established with the FAA. A Type Certificate is only issued after an aircraft is determined to be in compliance with all applicable airworthiness, noise and emissions standards.

Making Our Vision A Reality

The future is not built alone. Throughout our journey towards making urban air mobility a reality, we’ve sought to collaborate with government and industry alike. Commercializing a new industry will take us all working together.

Our Milestones So Far

press release

December 20, 2022 | Archer Receives Special Airworthiness Certificate For Its Maker EVTOL Aircraft Following Successful FAA Inspection

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press release

December 2, 2021 | Archer’s Airworthiness Criteria For Its Midnight Aircraft Published In Federal Register

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press release

August 24, 2022 | New Head Of Government Relations Will Accelerate Archer’s Path To Commercialization

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press release

September 7, 2021 | FAA Approves G-1 Certification Basis For Archer, Propelling It Forward On Its Path To FAA Type Certification

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