Air Travel Reimagined

Electric Air Mobility Has Landed. Vertically

Introducing Midnight

Urban mobility is about to be taken to a whole new dimension. Designed to be capable of flying distances of up to 100 miles, but optimized to conduct back to back flights of ~ 20 miles with ~12 minutes of charge time in between, at a cost that we believe will be competitive with ground based ride share. Midnight is aiming to redefine what air travel can be: low cost, low noise, with the safety of commercial airlines.

The Leading Edge

Built To Perform

Powered by six independent battery packs, each supporting a pair of electric engines
Capable of flying up to 100 miles and optimized for regular 20-50 mile urban trips
Engineered for speeds of up to 150 mph, Midnight can turn hour-long commutes into minutes
Pilot + 4
Designed for a certified pilot on-board and comfort for up to four passengers and luggage
Rapid Charge
Able to perform back to back ~ 20 mile flights with only ~12 minutes of charge time in between
Midnight’s direct operating cost targets will enable it to operate at pricing that is competitive with ground based ride share

Safety, Safety, Safety

Midnight was designed from the start with safety in mind. To achieve our desired levels of safety, redundancy is key. Midnight’s avionics system includes four flight control computers, with redundant inertial navigation, GNSS and AGL sensors to ensure robust and reliable data to the pilot. Each pair of forward and aft electric engines are independently powered, helping to ensure the aircraft can safely complete a flight should an entire battery pack fail.

Lightweight Composite Structure

Archer joined forces with one of the leading manufacturers of aerospace composites to create an optimal balance of weight and strength. These advanced carbon fiber composites comprise Midnight’s full airframe, enabling our aircraft’s structural safety and aircraft performance.

Balanced Powertrain System

Our proprietary powertrain system delivers an optimized balance of power and dependability. It’s capable of over 3,000 flight cycles, and allows for a rapid charge time of around 10 minutes between flights. Midnight utilizes a strategic layout of six independent battery packs in its wings to deliver reliability and proper weight distribution.


Designed to hold a 1,000+lbs of payload, the aircraft can truly handle four passengers plus a pilot.

Interior Design

Every inch of Midnight’s
cabin has been carefully crafted
to provide an elevated experience.