My passion is connecting people from different cultures. I founded The ShareLingo Project to help bring English and Spanish speakers together. And it’s incredible.

If your company, or school, or church, or non-profit is struggling to manage language and cultural differences, please reach out to me. I’ll listen, and offer any advice I can – for free. If the problem is too big to handle with a phone call or email, I also do consulting. But let’s cross that bridge only if it’s necessary.

In the mean time – what do YOU want to do with YOUR life?

  • Travel?
  • Start a business in South America?
  • Write a book?
  • Learn Spanish?

You CAN!

You totally can.

  • Learn Spanish.
  • Travel.
  • Start a business in South America.
  • Be Independent.

I know, because I’m doing all of this.

The secret is in the doing.


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