November 25, 2021 | Thankful to History

They traversed oceans in the face of uncertainty. They ventured across lands in the face of risk. They aimed for the stars in the face of overwhelming doubt. Driven by hope. Driven by destiny. Driven by the belief that we can be more. More than the borders we impose upon ourselves, through skepticism or fear. Our world can be made smaller by those willing to go further. 

Our nation celebrates our aviation history this month and reflects on all that we are thankful for on this day. It seems a somewhat fitting intersection for us. At Archer, we are the product of that history and thankful for the opportunity to shape our future. 

It began with a vision. We could be more. We could move faster, venture further, be smarter about how we travel and live. Not merely confined to the walls we’ve built up around us, no longer tethered to only two dimensions. And so our journey began. We came together with vision, with purpose, to set the future in motion.

We took lessons from the past. We looked at what’s been made possible and what can be made better. We looked at the runway ahead and the world around. How can we be safer, cleaner, a benefit to everyone? Our response came quickly. With our small team, composed of some of the brightest minds in aerospace, we created our first prototype. A scaled version of what aerial travel can be, it laid the foundation for something more.

In June of this year, Maker made its world debut. With fully electric power from its six independent battery packs, it proved the future can be cleaner. With twelve motors and multiple flight control redundancies, it proved the future can be safer. It gave us a glimpse of where we can go, how far we can journey right here at home. A future where commuting is a matter of minutes, not hours; where we can travel comfortably, quietly and consciously.

As we grew, so did the reality of what will become Urban Air Mobility (UAM). We partnered with United Airlines in our shared vision of decarbonized flight. We partnered with Stellantis to accelerate manufacturing, cutting the distant future down to a few short years. We set to work with the FAA to ensure the highest levels of safety gleaned from the most rigorous of tests. We teamed up with REEF, and cities such as Los Angeles and Miami, to set the framework for how we will more easily move around our urban environments.

Soon, our vision-turned-reality will take flight. Every day the moment draws nearer. Through every software scrub, propeller warm-up, or flight control test we inch closer to that next step in our journey. One made possible not just by the teams of Archers pushing forward, but by all those who made their mark on aviation history.

So today, we reflect on all that we are thankful for. Thankful for pioneers who first took us to the skies and the stars. Thankful for those who’ve joined our vision, dedicating themselves to bringing the future forward. Thankful for those shaping a new way of thinking, and of moving. Our partners, our supporters, every one joining us here. The future is not built alone. It is from all of us, and for all of us, who are willing to venture further.