Are language apps SLOWING your progress? For most, the answer is YES.
It's never been easier to learn another language.  And it's never been more important or beneficial to know another language. [...]
Becas ShareLingo para estudiantes universitarios / Scholarship Program for University Students
Para mis contactos que hablan español, el Programa de Becas ShareLingo para estudiantes universitarios en América Latina que necesitan hablar[...]
You’re in America, Speak English
What are your feelings about that statement? Here's my opinion - agree or disagree? What if you moved to Japan,[...]
James Archer speaks about Beyond Words on Telemundo
  I had the great fortune of being featured on Telemundo recently to talk briefly about Beyond Words (in Spanish).[...]
Addressing the Achievement Gap – For teachers and school administrators wanting to help Hispanic parents…
I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and[...]
Eye Contact – and the Latino Culture.
Have you noticed differences between the Latino Culture and ours? Here in the United States, we value eye contact -[...]
I left the Air Force when I was 18
Any BRATS out there?     You know - right? Each Labor Day, I post an image like this one -[...]
It’s time to stop wasting talent.
The following is an excerpt from the book Beyond Words, by James Archer... At The ShareLingo Project, we see a[...]
Just two things to learn a new language.
Really - there are only two main things to learn a new language: Foundation and Practice Simple, right? I'm an Engineer.[...]
Be a language Olympian
Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t know the Olympics are on in Rio right now? [Traducción en español[...]
About James Archer
JAMES ARCHER is the founder of The ShareLingo Project – a Social Enterprise that helps people who speak different languages connect[...]