Are language apps SLOWING your progress? For most, the answer is YES.

It’s never been easier to learn another language. 

And it’s never been more important or beneficial
to know another language.  If you live in the USA,
the most obvious choice is Spanish.

So why does it take us so LONG? 

And why to some people, who really do want to learn
a new language, never make progress, or give up?

After all, we have all those great apps and resources.


It’s not like the old days, when we used actual

We have Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Busuu, Babbel,
Memrise, Anki, Tinycards, Hello Talk … 

And more.  And more.  And more.

We have thousands, if not millions, of Youtube videos we can watch.

Most of these products and resources are actually EXCELLENT!

So what’s going on? 

Why are people not making it?

Here’s the problem.  And what to do about it.


The problem isn’t one app or another being good or bad.

The problem is – we’re lacking something critical.

The Human Factor.


Most people don’t learn a new language because they
want to read books, or speak with the apps on their phones.

MOST people learn a new language because they
want to talk to PEOPLE.


That’s what we all want the most.  But…

It’s also the thing we are most afraid of.


So instead of talking to people, we think we will use the
app on our phone,  learn more “stuff”, and when we are
a lot better, THEN we may try to talk to people.


But what happens is, we NEVER seem to learn enough
from our phone to have any confidence to go talk to people.

So we NEVER talk to people.

So we NEVER achieve our goals. 

At some point, we stop using the apps.  And we don’t talk to
people either, because we think we need to go back and
“brush up” with the apps before we talk.

HAVING the apps and computer programs, but not using
them, or not advancing with them, actually delays us from
achieving what we really want,
which is to talk to human beings.

If you want to speak a new language, you need the human factor.

If you want to speak a new language, you should have
to speak with BEFORE you invest a lot of TIME
with the APPS.

INSTEAD of doing the apps first, and talking to people second,
you need to find the people first, and use the apps later,
to improve your vocabulary.

And if you don’t want to be afraid of talking to someone –
there is a very simple and COMFORTABLE way to
meet Spanish speakers to practice with.

Just offer to help them speak English.

At The ShareLingo Project, we connect English and Spanish speakers
and help them understand how to practice with each other.

The Human Factor – Nice People – Great Conversations







James Archer

James Archer is the founder of The ShareLingo Project - a Social Enterprise that connects English and Spanish speakers for face-to-face practice. This model breaks down both linguistic and cultural barriers for individuals, businesses, and non-profits.

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