James Archer speaks about Beyond Words on Telemundo

  I had the great fortune of being featured on Telemundo recently to talk briefly about Beyond Words (in Spanish). https://www.telemundodenver.com/noticias/local/Autor-James-Arher-visita-Telemundo-Denver_TLMD—Denver-466988223.html

Addressing the Achievement Gap – For teachers and school administrators wanting to help Hispanic parents…

I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. ~ Nelson Mandela Allow me to share Chapter 6.4 of Beyond Words – A Radically Simple Solution to Unify Communities, Strengthen Businesses, and Connect Cultures Through Language. First of all, if you are in education at any level, OMG—You guys … Read More

Just two things to learn a new language.

ShareLingo Students

Really – there are only two main things to learn a new language: Foundation and Practice Simple, right? I’m an Engineer. I like to break things down and simplify them. Each of these two items has two parts: Foundation a) Vocabulary b) Grammar Practice a) Listening b) Speaking The good news is you can do almost all of this alone – on your … Read More