Beyond Words


On Tuesday, August 8th, Beyond Words became a #1 Best Seller in multiple categories on Amazon.  This just shows how important the issues are that we address in this book!

Once again, THANK YOU! ~ We couldn't have done this without you!



A Radically Simple Solution to Unite Communities, Strengthen
Businesses, and Connect Cultures Through Language

Is a language or cultural barrier holding you or your business back?

Whether it’s your personal or business life, language or cultural differences can prevent you and your organization from realizing your full potential.

Why DON’T you speak that other language? Even if you have studied it in high school, taken an online course or simply struggled to order in a restaurant in somewhere like Mexico, it can leave you wondering: Where did all that language study go?

Lots of people are saying “We need to work together”, “We need to communicate”, “We need to be friends”. But there are also a lot of people asking, “How?”

Beyond Words tells you how. It explains where we are, what is possible, and how to achieve it.

After you read this book, you will:

  • overcome your own language barrier that has been holding you back
  • learn how so many others in your situation have succeeded by using this method
  • increase profits in your business
  • broaden your market reach
  • further your mission in your nonprofit
  • connect your communities
  • improve the lives of others


All profits from the sale of "Beyond Words" will be donated to organizations that support diversity and acceptance!

What people are saying about "Beyond Words"

Reading this book raises awareness of one of the challenges people face: language barrier - which affects an important aspect in our daily living: relationships such as: romantic, business, and work. This book is a UNIFIER, EYE OPENER, a PROBLEM SOLVER, HEALER and an ENCOURAGER that is worth reading and digesting.

Elsa Mendoza
"Highly recommended!"

Great read, I think it's so important to understand other cultures and how much we can do to make a difference, I feel inspired, it was a great read, couldn't put it down,

Kelly Hines
"Wow! A book to help communities!"

James Archer’s book, Beyond Words, enlightened my thinking about immigrants tenfold. As I thought about it, I realized that I wouldn’t even be on this planet if my paternal Scottish granny didn’t have the determination and wherewithal to spend ten days on a ship with her husband and infant son to settle in America. I’m sure there are many people who could say the same thing. Most of us are probably here because one or more of our ancestors immigrated to America.

Beyond Words discusses the ShareLingo Project that James founded to bring groups of two people together face to face from different cultures who speak two different languages to connect with each other and learn how to pronounce the other person’s words and phrases in their language and also to understand what they are saying.

I love how James focuses on industry specifics and covers so many sectors of the work environment with his ShareLingo Project. It only makes sense that immigrants should be able to learn the words and phrases they need to function at work first instead of just nodding and smiling like they understand what’s being said out of respect for their bosses and continue doing their job only to find out they were doing it all wrong.

Nurses use nurse lingo such as please pee in this cup and put it in the little door in the bathroom for the lab.

Construction workers use building lingo such as install the drywall on the eighth-floor room 810.

Maids use housekeeping lingo such as please take four towels and two washcloths to room 516.

Seamstresses or Tailors use sewing lingo such as take the brown slacks up an inch and a half and remove the sleeves from the white blouse.

And so on.

Kathleen Rutherford
"Beyond Words is truly enlightening!"

Great quick read. Really bridges the language/cultural barrier naturally without over complicating the process. Great way to connect with people and develop culturally diverse friendships as well.

Kevin R. Shipley
"Great read!"

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